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What are the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in LA?

In the blink of an eye, your world shifted from enjoying the breeze on your face and the sun on your back to pain, confusion, and everything involved in the aftermath of an accident. The National Highway Safety Administration reports that about 1% of riders are injured each year.

Most motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles area are caused by another vehicle failing to give the motorcycle the right of way or not leaving enough space to stop. Even accidents that do not involve another driver can be attributed to someone else if potholes or ridges made the roadway unsafe.

Riders know the risk of injury and motorcycle accident fatalities is much higher on a motorcycle than in a car, but knowing the risks does not mean someone who causes a motorcycle injury is absolved of their responsibility to make restitution for your lost wages, pay for your medical care, or compensate you for permanent injuries.

Four types of motorcycle accidents are responsible for many of the most serious injuries in California.


    Domestic and foreign motorcycle manufacturers and retailers are responsible for ensuring that bikes are safe when used for the intended purpose. When a motorcycle malfunctions, people can make a product liability claim to recover damages.


    Construction zones pose a serious threat to motorcyclists due to debris, uneven pavement, and other factors. These claims must be thoroughly investigated to establish liability. Often, the city, state, or construction company are liable for these claims, but it could be other drivers, as well.


    Nearly 20 percent of California motorists are uninsured, putting other drivers at risk. If you were injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist, you can still collect damages to pay for your medical bills and more.


    T-bone crashes usually happen in an intersection when a motorist hits a motorcycle from the side, or a motorcycle runs into the side of a car.


    Because motorcycles can stop faster than a car or truck that weighs thousands of pounds. Motorists who fail to leave enough distance to stop cause a serious motorcycle accident when they run into the back of a motorcycle that stops suddenly.


    Left-hand turn accidents occur when a car fails to see a motorcycle or misjudges its speed when they turn into its path causing an auto accident.


    Debris, improperly repaired roads, and pavement damage are just some of the conditions that lead to dangerous road accidents. While all motorists are at risk, motorcyclists are exceptionally vulnerable when driving on dangerous roads and can experience serious, life-changing injuries.


    When the negligent driver of a car or truck drifts into the oncoming lane of traffic or pulls out to pass a slower vehicle, head-on collisions can occur. This is the deadliest type of accident.


    Hit-and-run accidents can be emotionally, physically, and financially devastating. Even if the other driver flees the scene, you can collect damages to aid in your recovery. Your legal team will work to find the responsible motorist and file a claim against your insurance to pay for your medical care if necessary.


    Some people operate motor vehicles without any regard for the safety of other motorists, including motorcyclists. This includes excessive speeding, weaving in out of traffic, street racing, and consuming alcohol. Our reckless driving accident attorneys can help you recover damages if you were injured because of a reckless motorist.


    Open car door accidents are among the most common in California and can lead to serious injuries ranging from fractured bones to organ damage. Motorists are required to look both ways before opening car doors to avoid these accidents. If you’ve been injured as a result of an open-door accident, you can file a claim for economic and non-economic damages.


    DUI accidents often result in significant injuries, such as damaged internal damage, spinal cord injuries, and amputation. Our DUI accident attorneys help our clients collect damages to pay for current and future losses, so they can get the long-term medical care and support they need.


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Motorcycle Injuries

Because motorcycles do not provide protection for the rider, motorcycle injury victims suffer worse injuries and die 27% more often than car passengers. Motorcycles with higher 1000+ cc engine sizes, older riders, and not wearing helmets are associated with the most severe injuries and fatalities.

Our motorcycle accident injury lawyers in Los Angeles possess specialized knowledge that helps them handle your accident claim and, if necessary, your motorcycle accident lawsuit with skill and professionalism. A motorcycle injury lawyer is always near you and understands how various injuries will affect your future quality of life and the types of medical expenses they will cause. Settling a motorcycle accident claim in California without an accident attorney’s advice can cost you thousands and leave you with fewer resources than you need for ongoing care.

In addition to who is at fault, the amount you will recover from your motorcycle injury case is largely dependent on the type and extent of the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.

Personal injury law is complex. Injured motorcyclists need a personal injury lawyer to help them recover damages for a catastrophic injury sustained in a motorcycle collision.


When a motorcyclist suffers sprained back muscles, it may limit mobility and cause pain. While less severe damage to back muscles can heal within a month or so, it can take months to recover from severe sprains. Rest, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and warm and cold compresses may help alleviate the discomfort.

Broken Bones

Broken bones from a motorcycle wreck can be mild, debilitating, or deadly depending on the area injured and the severity. A broken forearm is generally mild while a skull fracture is life threatening. Broken ribs may damage the internal organs they are designed to protect. Ragged broken bones may tear an artery leading to rapid blood loss.

Brain Damage

Brain damage includes a wide variety of outcomes depending on which area of the brain is damaged in the accident. A brain injury can cause serious and permanent disabilities, personality changes, lowered intelligence, memory problems, neurological problems, blindness, cognitive disfunction, coma, and potentially, death.

Child Injuries

Children involved in motorcycle accidents are more likely to experience severe injuries, permanent disability, and even death. In California, the motorcycle must have footrests and the child’s legs must be long enough to reach them. A restraint system that prevents the child from being thrown free is also recommended if you must have a child on your motorcycle.

Amputation Injury

An amputation occurs when an arm, leg, hand, or foot is removed because it is too damaged to be repaired or it has become infected and must be removed to prevent sepsis which can cause death. Prosthetics have seen many advances, but the cost of advanced prothesis to restore function are expensive.


Burns and road rash cause damage to the body’s largest organ, the skin. If the road rash is not deep, it may be treatable at home, but it is important to clean the wound well and watch for infection. Burns can be extensive if the motorcycle crash causes a fire, requiring months in intensive care, skin grafts, and intense pain and suffering.


Concussions are considered Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI). Concussions usually require medical care, but the symptoms frequently resolve and do not cause permanent injury or loss of function. Resting, monitoring, and refraining from strenuous activities is recommended following concussions. Medical attention is always recommended because of the risk of swelling in the brain.


If your meniscus is damaged, it can cause your knee to “lock up” or become stuck, making it difficult to walk or run. The injury causes painful inflammation in the joint. Treatments range from rest and stretching exercises to surgery. The severity and location of the injury will guide your doctor’s treatment advice.


Neck sprains are common in violent accidents. The symptoms range from mild to intense pain that radiates to the arms and legs, which is a sign that medical attention is needed. Anti-inflammatories and a neck brace as well as heat and cold can be used to treat a sprained neck. Severe symptoms are an indication that seeking a medical evaluation is essential.


One of the worst types of motorcycle accident injuries are spinal injuries in the upper back that cause quadriplegia, paralyzing both the arms and legs. Patients are highly dependent on caregivers and have a significantly increased risk of premature death from all causes. Since exercise is not possible, the lifestyle following a motorcycle accident that causes quadriplegia is sedentary. The cost of care is about double the cost for paraplegia.


Shoulders have a greater range of motion than any other ball and socket joint. Rotator cuff injuries, muscle strain, and fractures can occur in a motorcycle crash. A rotator cuff tear often requires surgery to correct. Shoulder injuries may cause considerable pain and limit the mobility of the arm. Pain from shoulder injuries will frequently worsen in the days following an accident.


Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly jerked back and then forward during an accident. While most people recover and become pain-free, some people have lasting pain and can experience reductions in the range of motion in their neck. You should not settle a claim before you know whether you will recover.

Laceration Injury

Lacerations are deep wounds with rough, torn edges. The risk of infection is greater because damage to the skin is more severe than cuts. If some of the skin is torn away, a laceration may take a long time to heal. Stitches are usually needed to treat a laceration.


Following some back injuries, a discectomy is done to remove part of the discs in the spine to alleviate pain, weakness, or numbness caused by the disc that is out of place putting pressure on the spinal cord. This type of serious injury involves surgery which keeps office workers out of work for about six weeks. Individuals whose work involves physical labor will need more time to recover.


The ravages caused by traumatic brain injuries due to sports injuries have been in the news enough that most people are familiar with their potential to cause lifelong damage that ranges from mild symptoms to aggressive tendencies, cognitive impairments, confusion, and lack of coordination. A motorcycle accident lawyer can prevent settlement mistakes by advising you that it can take a while to realize the extent of permanent damage caused by a TBI.


A laminectomy is another type of surgery on the spine that is done to relieve pressure and swelling. Laminectomies involve removing vertebrae. A spinal fusion may be used to replace the support lost with the removal of the vertebrae. Recovery time may be faster than recovery from a discectomy.


Spinal injuries that paralyze the legs lead to paraplegia, a permanent disability. However, medical advances have made it possible for some paraplegics to walk. An injury of this type ends careers that require the ability to walk, run, or climb. Medical care can cost over half a million the first year with ongoing annual costs of over $60,000.


Scarring can occur following any injury to the skin. Compensation for scarring varies depending on the location. A facial scar may be considered a significant injury while the same scar on the person’s back would not be compensated the same amount. Younger people who are scarred tend to receive higher compensation than older individuals.


In addition to paraplegia and quadriplegia, spinal cord injuries can cause less severe injuries that limit function or sensation in the area involved in the injury. Patients can experience numbness or complete paralysis. Incontinence, breathing problems, and muscle atrophy can exacerbate the extent of the injury.


When someone is at fault for an accident where another person dies, it is called a wrongful death. The at-fault party in this type of tragic accident may be held responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident as well as compensation for the loss of companionship of the deceased. Motorcycle fatalities occur more often than fatalities from motor vehicle accidents per mile driven.


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