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Motorcycle Accident Paralysis Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Motorcycle Accident Paralysis Injury Attorney

A lack of protection is part of the reason people love motorcycles. They feel they are one with the bike and the road when they take off. Unfortunately, that lack of protection can lead to serious injuries, especially if thrown off the motorcycle. When that happens, people can suffer serious spinal cord injury and paralysis.

These injuries are emotionally and financially devastating, so many victims reach out to motorcycle accident paralysis injury attorneys in Los Angeles to recover damages. Learn more about these injuries and about the legal process you can expect when you hire a motorcycle accident quadriplegia injury attorney.

What Are The Common Types of Paralysis Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents?

People can suffer a variety of paralysis injuries in motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, the injuries heal quickly. For instance, a whiplash injury can cause temporary paralysis. Even a serious back muscle sprain injury might cause short-term paralysis. Other times, people do not regain function.

Many people turn to a motorcycle accident paralysis injury lawyer in Los Angeles when their injuries result in paraplegia. Paraplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is the term used for paralysis from the waist down.

This occurs when you experience blunt trauma to your lower back during a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident paraplegia injury attorney will investigate the cause of the trauma to help you recover damages.

Motorcycle accident quadriplegia injury lawyers specialize in cases involving the paralysis of the arms and legs. This occurs when your neck is seriously injured during the motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident quadriplegia injury attorney understands the complications that can occur as a result of this injury and helps victims receive adequate compensation. It’s also possible to suffer monoplegia.

This affects one region of your body. For instance, one arm might be paralyzed. Paralysis after a motorcycle accident can be temporary or permanent. Also, you can lose all sensation or some sensation after a motorcycle injury.

Symptoms of Paralysis Injuries

Motorcycle accident paralysis injury attorneys can help people get damages for pain and suffering due to the symptoms they experience. While symptoms can range from person to person, most people share certain symptoms.

These symptoms include numbness or pain, muscle weakness, muscle loss, stiffness, and involuntary spasms or twitches. Many people are surprised to discover that you can feel pain in a paralyzed body part. For instance, you could be paraplegic and still feel pain in your legs.

Paraplegia Injury

How a Los Angeles Paralysis Injury Attorney Can Help

Far too many people settle for less than they deserve after becoming paralyzed as a result of a motorcycle accident. They go after the money they’ve lost without thinking about the long-term effects of paralysis. They also might think the accident was their fault, so they can’t recover damages.

California is a comparative fault state, so you can be responsible to a degree and still recover damages. It’s always a good idea to let a Los Angeles motorcycle accident quadriplegia injury attorney look at the evidence and determine fault.

Los Angeles motorcycle accident quadriplegia injury lawyers are also trained at calculating damages. They have access to medical experts who can accurately determine the long-term prognosis for their clients. This allows them to collect enough money for people to receive long-term care.

Also, when you hire a Los Angeles motorcycle accident paralysis injury lawyer, you have a skilled negotiator at your side. You won’t have to worry about taking a lowball offer from the insurance company. Your attorney will advise you and counteroffer the company, so you can get a fair settlement.

What Are The Consequences of Paraplegia and Quadriplegia?

Because paraplegia and quadriplegia have long-term consequences, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident paralysis injury attorney takes special care to get clients ample compensation.

Long-term effects, such as bowel and bladder dysfunction, kidney stones, muscle spasticity, respiratory issues, and osteoporosis, can lead to expensive medical bills as well as a lifetime of discomfort. With long-term consequences like these, it’s critical to reach out to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident law firm.

How to File a Motorcycle Paralysis Accident Claim?

You first need to establish fault in your case. A motorcycle accident paralysis injury lawyer in Los Angeles can do this for you.

Then, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident paraplegia injury attorney can file a claim with the insurance company or file a personal injury claim against the other driver. Your motorcycle accident paralysis injury lawyer will help you choose the right option for your claim.

Quadriplegia Injury

Seeking Compensation for Paraplegia or Quadriplegia Injuries

Motorcycle accident paraplegia injury lawyers are trained to go after economic and non-economic damages in these cases. Economic damages include past, current, and future expenses related to the injury.

Economic damages are often quite high in these cases since people need long-term medical care. The nature of these injuries also allows a motorcycle accident paralysis injury lawyer to collect non-economic damages.

When you lose the function of a body part, it’s normal to lose enjoyment in life. You will experience a large degree of pain and suffering, and you can be compensated for that. If the other driver was grossly negligent, you also might be eligible for punitive damages.

Consult Motorcycle Accident Paraplegia & Quadriplegia Lawyers

In a perfect world, you could go back in time and prevent your motorcycle accident. You can’t do that, but you can recover damages. To begin, you’ll need to contact motorcycle accident lawyers.

Then, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident paraplegia injury lawyers can review your case, gather evidence, and file a claim on your behalf.

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