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Motorcycle Accident Had and Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

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If you or a family member was involved in a motorcycle accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, your life could be turned upside down and adversely impacted. Why? Because the brain is a delicate organ and controls so many important mental decisions and bodily movements. Your brain is in charge of your thoughts, speech, breathing, etc.

As a result, if your brain is seriously damaged in a motorcycle accident, the victim could be damaged permanently and may never be able to reach a full recovery.

Unfortunately, brain injuries are common occurred in the United States. For example, roughly 1.5 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each and every year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control.

When the negligent or reckless actions of a motorist caused a motorcycle accident that left you or a loved one struggling with a concussion or brain injury, you may be able to pursue financial restitution for your harms and losses.

In order to get a proper evaluation of your potential legal options, contact experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident traumatic brain injury attorneys to schedule a free, confidential case review.

What Are The Common Types of Brain Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents?

There are two main types of brain injuries. Most of our clients who have sustained brain injuries in an accident have what is called a “traumatic brain injury” or TBI.

This just means that a force, or trauma, caused the injury – examples include motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and falls. A direct blow to the head can also cause another injury when the brain hits the skull on the opposite side of the head.

TBIs can prove devastating in their severity. Patients with even mild injuries may suffer permanent impairments. Each year, about 30 percent of all injury deaths and more than 2.5 million hospital emergency room visits result from TBIs.

In contrast, an acquired brain injury (ABI) is not caused by some type of physical force. Instead, ABIs may result after oxygen deprivation, a stroke, or disease attacks the brain.

ABIs may result from someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct, such as near-drowning and oxygen deprivation after a boat accident, but most occur due to internal conditions within the body.

What Are The Signs of a Brain Injury After a Motorcycle Accident?

If you suspect you suffered a reckless driver motorcycle injury, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury or other head trauma.

For example, some of the common symptoms associated with mild traumatic brain injury include the following:

  • Loss of consciousness for a few seconds to a few minutes
  • Feeling dazed, confused, or disoriented for a few seconds to a few minutes
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Dizziness or loss of balance
  • Speech difficulties
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Blurred vision, ringing in the ears, or a bad taste in the mouth
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Memory or concentration problems
  • Mood changes or mood swings
  • Depression or anxiety

If you are experiencing some, or all, of these symptoms it is important to seek medical attention from a trained doctor right away. You should also contact an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

There is a different set of symptoms for someone who may have suffered a “moderate” traumatic brain injury or a “severe” traumatic brain injury.

These symptoms include the following: Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Had and Brain Injury Attorneys

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Persistent headache or worsening headache
  • Persistent nausea or vomiting
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Dilation of the pupils in one or both eyes
  • Clear fluid draining from the nose or ears Inability to awaken from sleep
  • Weakness or numbness in the digits
  • Loss of coordination
  • Persistent or severe confusion
  • Agitation, combativeness, or other notable changes in temperament and behavior
  • Slurred speech Coma

If you have experienced, or are experiencing these symptoms, it is incredibly important to receive treatment from a trained medical professional as soon as humanly possible.

You should also contact an experienced and reputable motorcycle accident traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss your legal options and whether it makes sense to move forward with filing a personal injury claim.

What is the Difference Between Concussion vs Traumatic Brain Injury?

There are numerous similarities between a concussion and a traumatic brain injury. Nevertheless, there are important differences you should be aware of.

The biggest distinction is the level of trauma and damage suffered by an individual. For example, when someone suffered a traumatic brain injury, they may have lost consciousness for 30 minutes or longer.

In addition, TBI victims often encounter bouts of amnesia. In contrast, when someone suffers a concussion, the victim may not experience significant trauma to their brain. In many instances, a victim who suffered a concussion may not lose consciousness and could enjoy a fairly speedy recovery.

A good way to think about the difference between a concussion and a traumatic brain injury is that a concussion is the equivalent of a fender-bender. A traumatic brain injury is equivalent to your vehicle being totaled.

Head & Traumatic Brain Injury

What are the Consequences of Brain Damage?

People who suffer serious head injuries in motorcycle accidents often experience debilitating side effects that could haunt them for years or decades.

For example, a serious head injury can result in the following types of harms and losses:

  • Diminished motor functions
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Slurred speech
  • Partial or total loss of vision
  • Bouts of depression and/or emotional volatility

If you or a loved one is suffering these harms and losses, it is extremely important to reach out to experienced motorcycle accident traumatic brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles to discuss your legal options and whether you can hold the motorist who hit and injured you accountable for your harms and losses.

Treatment for a Head Injury from a Motorcycle Accident

If you suffered a significant head injury from a motorcycle accident, you will likely need to visit a hospital emergency room to get checked out and receive important treatment to reduce potential swelling of your brain.

Depending on the extent of harm, your doctor may need to perform surgery or acute care to prevent the head injury from worsening. In addition to potential surgery, brain injury victims are often required to undergo physical and occupational therapy, or may even need around-the-clock inpatient care.

Many motorcycle accident victims struggling with a brain injury are often looking at months, or even years, of medical treatment (and this may not be enough to make a full recovery). If you find yourself in this difficult situation, contact respected motorcycle accident concussion attorneys in Los Angeles to determine whether you have a viable personal injury claim.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Had and Brain Injury Lawyers

What Compensation Can I Expect for Concussion or TBI?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a dangerous road motorcycle accident as a result of another motorist’s reckless or careless actions, you could possibly obtain financial restitution for the following damages:

  • Medical expenses Lost income
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental suffering

The best way to determine the types of compensatory damages you may be able to pursue through a personal injury claim is by scheduling a free, confidential case evaluation with respected and experienced motorcycle accident traumatic brain injury attorneys.

How Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Brain Injury Attorneys Can Help

If you suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident, you are probably feeling scared, anxious, and uncertain about the future. You could be confronted with the prospect is missing a significant amount of time from work, or even being forced to leave your chosen occupation.

You could also be staring at tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and other harms and losses. This is where retaining the services of a knowledgeable motorcycle accident traumatic brain injury lawyer can provide a tremendous benefit.

When you have a motorcycle accident concussion lawyer on your side, they will help level the proverbial playing field with the auto insurance company of the negligent motorist who hit you. Motorcycle accident concussion attorneys know all the tricks and delay tactics used by large insurance companies and can advise you of the best steps to take in your pursuit of financial restitution.

Another benefit of hiring a skilled motorcycle accident head injury attorney is that your motorcycle injury law firm will take a tremendous amount of pressure and responsibilities off your shoulders.

If you were seriously harmed in a traumatic brain injury motorcycle accident, you should focus your time and attention on your recovery. You should not spend your time worrying about the complexities of the injury claims process.

Contact our injury lawyers today to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation.

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