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Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Usually, it takes only seconds for a distracted driver and a motorcyclist to experience various road hazards such as road debris and other unfortunate circumstances leading to the life-shifting motorcycle collision. Each motorcycle crash can lead to a motorcycle wreck and personal injury. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, motorcycle accidents can result in very serious injuries, including but not limited to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, road rash.

Accident claim is a serious process, demanding knowledge, skills, and experience. Motorcycle accidents happen within seconds, but it takes not more than a couple of seconds to contact the most experienced Los Angeles dangerous road motorcycle accident lawyer and be safe for your motorcycle accident claim.

Each motorcycle accident case is unique and each motorcycle accident victim deserves individual and special approach during one of the most important and dramatic lifetime situations that can happen with any motorcycle rider.

We are always here as your Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles to provide professional consultation about the motorcycle accident and support you to navigate through the complicated process of submission of each motorcycle accident claim.

Being a Los Angeles-based premier, full-service personal injury law firm we highly prioritize the needs and requirements of our customers who are accident victims and are in need of professional support.

If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer or a traumatic brain injury motorcycle accident attorney, do not hesitate to contact us and be sure that one of the best Los Angeles Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will take care of your motorcycle accident claim and will provide top-notch service to all motorcycle accident victims and all of those who gained personal injury as a result of motorcycle or automobile accidents in California.

Our professional team and years of experience give us a solid base to ensure you that by contacting us you definitely contact one of the best Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles.

How Dangerous Roads Cause Motorcycle Accidents?

When dealing with personal injury law, the terminology ‘dangerous road accidents’ refers to the improper repair of roadways or the creation of hazards on existing roadways by construction companies or other road workers. Cracked highways, damaged roads, improperly repaired freeways, road debris, dangerous road condition, and negligent employees intended to maintain all of the above can lend a hand in creating conditions that in turn cause a catastrophic accident resulting in personal injury.

If you were injured by scrap or road debris that was left by a construction crew, or you were injured due to some other object that fell of a truck or motor vehicle, you are entitled to compensation. In this event, you are not liable for damage or your injuries.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, or any motor vehicle crash in California, please do not hesitate to call a motorcycle accident attorney. When dealing with insurance companies, you need a professional firm that specializes in motorcycle accident scenarios specific to the nature of yours.

If you have been involved in an accident where hazardous road conditions were to blame, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer.

What Are The Common Road Hazard Situations for Motorcycles in California?

The numbers and statistics about the Los Angeles motorcycle accidents are growing and official information is giving a serious reason to think over the increasing numbers of injured motorcycle drivers, fatal motorcycle accidents, and motorcycle accident victims. The need for knowledge about the most experienced and trustworthy Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is also growing.

Los Angeles Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident

Anyhow the number of motorcycle accidents has no influence on the rapidly growing numbers of vehicles and car drivers, motorcycles, and motorcycle drivers.

California is undoubtedly topping the chart of US states in terms of registered vehicles with its quite an impressive number of over 15.000.000.

Aside of the statistics, variety of researches implemented by Ivy League educational institutions and the speedily growing numbers of automobiles and motorcycles are automatically raising the importance of road safety issues in California and in Los Angeles in particular as one of the busiest megacities in the world where driving a car or motorcycle is a basic necessity.

While driving a car can be usual, relatively uncomplicated to learn and widely spread, it does not necessarily mean that if you are a good and experienced car driver, you can also drive a motorcycle and can be a good motorcycle driver.

Unfortunately, road hazard and safety issues are significantly increasing for a motorcycle driver. The same road condition and the same highway can be really dangerous and challenging in terms of safety and road hazard for a motorcycle rider than for a regular vehicle driver. The rising numbers of motorcycle accidents are directly proportional to the need of contacting the best motorcycle accident lawyer.

It is worth mentioning that although California ranks 4th as a bike-friendly state, our all-time-favorite City of Angels still can be very dangerous for any motorcycle driver.

According to the research and statistics of NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is an agency of the U.S. federal government, part of the Department of Transportation.), in terms of motorcycle accidents, there is a nearly 5% drop on a year-over-year basis.

Still, official numbers state that 4,985 motorcycle riders lost their lives in accidents in 2018. It is worth to emphasize that motorcyclists are drastically over-represented in traffic fatalities.

Motorcycle fatalities are growing as there is no security for a motorcycle rider, such as an airbag or seat belt. Even small road debris which has no influence on a regular motor vehicle can become a dangerous road condition and a real road hazard for a regular motorcycle rider thus leading to a serious motorcycle accident, severe injury, and road rash.

According to the same NHTSA statistics, the motorcyclists represent only 3% of all registered motor vehicles, although they account for 14% of yearly traffic-related fatalities.

Another US industry association – Insurance Information Institute released a statistic about the motorcycle accidents and numbers confirm that a regular motorcyclist is 29 times more likely to experience a fatal injury, such as brain injury, or spinal cord injury than a regular motor vehicle driver as the motorcycle rider does not have protection such as airbags and seat-belts, unlike the car driver. Lack of protection demands even more attention. Otherwise, even the less significant road debris can lead to a fatal motorcycle accident and wrongful death.

It is widely emphasized by the number of prominent Los Angeles motorcycle accident Attorneys and Road hazard motorcycle accident lawyers that a usual motorcycle rider encounters much more road hazard on the way than a usual car driver does. Among the most common road hazards are:

  1. Debris or objects on the road – Distracted driver is the main reason for a car accident. Debris or any other object on the road can cause a motorcycle accident and catastrophic injury.
  2. Rough roads – It demands dedication to learn and drive a motorcycle. But rough roads can ruin your driving experience and make you a motorcycle accident victim with a serious injury.
  3. Gravel on pavement – Distracted driving is one of the main aspects mentioned by a number of prominent dangerous road motorcycle accident lawyers, various experts, and professionals. Gravel on pavement can add up to any distracted driver a motorcycle crash, and leave the accident victims in pain, with serious injury and with the urgent need of finding a trustworthy motorcycle accident lawyer for handling your injury claim.
  4. Expansion joints – The main function of the expansion joint is to hold parts together safely. Sometimes expansion joints can cause a serious motorcycle accident and leave the motorcyclist with a severe injury.
  5. Open bridge joints – California bridges are essential parts of every-day life of 40 million Californians. Nevertheless, any injured motorcyclist will claim that open bridge joints are one of the most common road hazards.
  6. Slick, slippery surfaces – Wet leaves, crosswalk lines, trolley tracks, other painted surfaces, and anti-freeze or oil on the road are not very dangerous for a regular motor vehicle driver. All the above-mentioned circumstances are vital for each motorcycle rider and can possibly become a serious road hazard and leave the motorcyclist with a severe injury.
  7. Edge breaks – This is another road hazard requesting attention from any motorcyclist. Distracted driving and even the smallest road hazard can lead to a traffic accident and the need to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit.
  8. Railway tracks and crossings – Los Angeles has a reputation of a car city which is obviously very objective. We can do nothing but agree with this statement. And we have to take into consideration the fact that City of Angels has a decent railway system which means railway tracks and crossings. Here also each motorcycle rider should be alert to avoid motorcycle accident injury.
  9. Random animals on the road – There are many types of small-size animals that live in the parks or on the trees in the residential areas of Los Angeles. Random animals on the road can become a road hazard for a motorcyclist and increase the number of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles.

Who is Responsible for Keeping Roads Safe?

Everybody is responsible for road safety. Everybody who uses the road – drivers, motorcyclists, truck drivers, pedestrians, police, parents, highway patrol, each and every one of 40.000.000 Californians is responsible for road safety, as Safety is a Shared Responsibility.

There are rules to be followed, knowledge to be applied, circumstances to be considered, skills to be practiced, various situations to be experienced and habits to be developed.

Road and transportation safety is a strategic cornerstone of one of the most important infrastructures of US thus demanding significant state-level attention and is regulated by numerous Department of Transportation agencies and other Federal agencies, such as:

  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB),
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),
  • Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Roadway Safety,
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA),
  • Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Railroad Safety

Roads, freeways, highways, bridges, transit systems are the most important parts of the infrastructure which keeps California in speed, dynamic, and always connected. Los Angeles roads and transit systems are regularly evaluated by various government agencies and private organizations. The importance of having a strong and reliable infrastructure is undeniable.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Road Safety Overview, implemented by Safe Roads USA, states, that the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) analyzes and evaluates roads and infrastructure systems in the United States and publishes the results of studies every four years. It is extremely sad to mention that the conditions and status of roads and highways of California received a grade of “D” in 2017.

The American Society of Civil Engineers made a statement in their report that almost half of all roads in Los Angeles are in poor condition and in need of significant funding for repair and rehabilitation. Potholes, dangerous designs, missing signs, inadequate lighting, and uneven surfaces are the main reasons for Los Angeles roads to be characterized as “roads in poor conditions”.

Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Attorney

What Should I Do if I Was Involved in a Motorcycle Accident due to Dangerous Road Condition in Los Angeles?

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident caused by a lack of road repair or a road maintenance defect, the government entity which was responsible for the design or maintenance that specific road, may be accountable for your motorcycle collision and any property destruction or resulting injuries, including medical expenses.

Your personal injury claim should be submitted by a professional motorcycle accident lawyer with a solid background, knowledge, and skills.

Each accident case is unique and each motorcycle accident victim deserves an individual and caring approach.

Maintenance, repair related and other types of road hazards significantly increase the risk of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles. Among the most common signs of road hazards are:

  • Sudden shoulder drop-offs
  • Malfunctioning or inadequate warning signals that result in dangerous intersections
  • Lack of street lights, or lights that don’t properly light the street
  • Poorly-established construction zones and/or no available detours
  • Poor roadway design that results in hazardous driving conditions during inclement weather, such as pooling water on a high-mileage roadway
  • Insufficient signage of changes in the shoulder
  • Insufficient highway divisions, edge lines, or other line divisions, lane splitting
  • Poorly maintained roadways
  • Bike lanes striped across dangerous conditions
  • Bike routes designated through dangerous conditions

Contact an Experienced Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Attorneys For Free Consultation

Our client-focused service, specialized motorcycle accident lawyers and attorneys, and attentive legal staff all aim to provide superior customer service while paying the closest possible attention to our motorcycle injury victims, and their claims. Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care, service, and support for our clients.

We’re here to provide information regarding your motorcycle accident case, legal information that may help your claim, and professional motorcycle accident law advice by a foremost Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney with years of experience.

Injured motorcycle riders who’ve been hurt in a motorcycle crash with either a car, truck, bus, van, or any other motor vehicle, while traversing the roads, streets, or freeways of Southern California, turn to the best motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles and San Diego.

We offer free consultations to all our claimants and work on a contingency basis, meaning without recovery of monetary compensation, you pay no fees.

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