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Broken Bones Injury Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Motorcycle Accident Broken Bones Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Motorcycle accidents are devastating events that can result in many injuries. Broken bones are some of the most common experience when they are involved in these terrible incidents.

Unfortunately, broken bones aren’t very easy to shrug off; they’re often debilitating in one way or another and they often come with high medical costs. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and received one or more broken bones, there are some ways you can pursue compensation from those responsible.

How Can Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

Motorcycle accidents happen lots of different reasons. They can be pure accidents, which happen because of factors outside of human control. Bad weather (like icy roads) or sudden, catastrophic mechanical failure are two examples.

Motorcycle accidents can also happen because of human factors. Negligence is a leading cause of all auto and motorcycle accidents in the country, and it’s a big reason why motorcycles are more dangerous to ride than other vehicles. Although negligence contributes to regular auto accidents, motorcycles expose their occupants to a greater degree of injury.

Responsible motorcycle riders will wear protective gear like a safety helmet and a leather jacket. But even with these protective measures, they may still sustain terrible injuries purely because of the forces that can be brought upon their bodies in the event of an accident.

What Injuries Can Motorcycle Accidents Cause?

Motorcycle injuries can cause a wide variety of injuries, including:

The last possibility is especially prevalent and dangerous. Broken bones from a motorcycle accident are not only painful but can lead to other injuries because of the potential for internal wounds or infection. Additionally, broken bone injuries from these accidents are often more severe than those suffered from regular auto accidents because motorcycle riders are more exposed than average.

The injuries incurred from a motorcycle accident can easily lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical costs and other expenses. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the loss of income that an individual may suffer if they aren’t able to return to work in a timely fashion.

Because of all these factors, motorcycle accident victims may wish to pursue compensation by pressing a case against the person responsible for the accident in the first place.

Motorcycle Accident Broken Bones Lawyer

Can You Pursue Compensation for Broken Bone Injuries?

It’s possible to press a claim against someone responsible for your motorcycle accident if they were indeed at fault. California isn’t a no-fault state, meaning you can sue anyone responsible for an accident in order to pursue compensation for any bodily injury or loss resulting from the accident.

However, even if you were to press a successful claim, the defendant’s lawyers or insurance companies may try to convince you to settle for as little money as possible or may otherwise try to affect the case in their favor. You need skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys on your side if you want to maximize your chances of success and win as much compensation as possible.

Compensation for Broken Bone Injury from Motorcycle Accident Case

If you win a successful motorcycle accident case for your broken bone injuries, you can receive compensation for many of your expenses. These include:

  • The cost of past and future medical expenses
  • The cost of ongoing medical expenses like pain medication or other medical supplies you need to function on a daily basis or to recover
  • The loss of income you might have sustained as you recover from your injuries
  • Loss of future income – for instance, if your broken bones prevent you from returning to your normal place of work
  • Pain-and-suffering damages to account for the physical and mental turmoil you might’ve suffered from the accident

Broken bones, for example, can easily lead to high medical costs for reconstructive surgery plus the cost of casting and checkups here and there as the bones recover. Some victims never recover the function of their affected limb or bones fully, and they have to put up with months of recovery time at a minimum.

All told, it’s possible to recover up to thousands of dollars if you have an airtight motorcycle broken bone case. As a “personal injury” case, it’s up to you to prove that the other person was at fault either through negligence or through another factor in order to receive the compensation you deserve and need to recover.

Why Contact Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

It’s always important that you seek out specialized aid whenever you experience a motorcycle accident. Thoughtful and tenacious motorcycle and broken bone personal injury lawyers from Los Angeles understand every aspect of the legal intricacies surrounding these cases.

They can help you put together a case that has the best chance of winning in court, especially if the defendant brings their own lawyers to bear. Further, skilled legal representation can help you press your claim at the right time – you have to put a claim forward within two years according to the California statute of limitations for these types of cases.

They can also help you determine how much you should press for based on the negligence or malicious intent you might be able to prove from the available evidence. All in all, skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help you receive more compensation than you’d be able to on your own.

Fortunately, a motorcycle accident attorney is just the organization you need. We have a team of skilled legal experts at the ready, all of whom are well-versed in California auto and motorcycle accident law, as well as personal injury laws. If you’d like more information about how you can get your medical bills covered and receive the compensation you need to recover from your motorcycle accident broken bone injuries, don’t hesitate to contact Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, California.

Free consultations are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by contacting us at (213) 943-8033.

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