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Motorcycle Drunk Driving Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Motorcycle Drunk Driving Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

The statistics around motorcycle accidents in the United States are frightening. In 2018, 4985 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents, many as a result of the actions of drivers who were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). As a motorcyclist, you are 28 times more likely to die compared to someone in a car.

And of course, these figures don’t show the thousands of people who are injured in motorcycle accidents, many seriously. These individuals aren’t counted in the official statistics, but many will be facing long years of rehabilitation and recovery and will need the help of top drunk driving motorcycle accidents attorney to assist them to get their lives back on track.

What Types of Injuries Are Common in Drug or Alcohol Caused Motorcycle Accidents?

When you open a newspaper and read the headline ‘drunk driver hits motorcycle’ it’ll usually go on to tell you that it was the motorcyclist who came off worse. On average, a car or other passenger vehicle weighs around 4000 pounds, so even if they’re wearing a helmet and other safety gear, a motorcyclist can sustain extremely serious injuries.

These include:

Many of these injuries have the potential to be life-changing. Some might entail years of expensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Some might even mean that you’ll always have to rely on special medical equipment, costing tens of thousands of dollars.

If this is the case, you’re going to want a top drug-related motorcycle accident lawyer representing you, making sure you get the maximum possible settlement.

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Use on Motorcyclists & Drivers

As a law-abiding motorcyclist who observes all of the laws and regulations related to road safety, it can be chilling to think about how the use of drugs and alcohol can affect other road users, leading to a motorcycle accident. Drunk driver or drugged-up driver – they should not be behind the wheel in the first place, but it happens all too often.

Someone who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will likely have reduced reaction times, meaning they’ll be slow to brake or accelerate when they need to stay safe. In some cases, being drunk may make them much more reckless, meaning that they drive faster or attempt to perform risky maneuvers.

Driving under influence greatly reduces concentration, meaning they may not even notice that there is another vehicle on the road – a particular risk for motorcyclists. Drugs and alcohol can also severely impair a driver’s motor functions, causing them to lose control of their vehicle entirely.

All it takes is one moment’s negligence from a DUI driver, and you could find yourself seriously injured, your life in tatters. You’ll need the help of a drunk driving motorcycle accident attorney to get the justice you deserve.

Who Is Liable in Drunk Driving and Drug-Related Motorcycle Accident Cases?

In any personal injury case, including a drunk motorcycle accident, your lawyer will need to prove the liability of the other party involved. In other words, they were responsible for your injuries, and that they should also be responsible for paying for your damages.

The tricky part of this is that, legally, being DUI isn’t what made the drunk or high driver responsible for your DUI motorcycle accident. Instead, you’ll have to prove that they were negligent – that as a result of being DUI, they made a mistake that caused the accident.

If that seems difficult to understand – don’t worry. When you work with our law firm, you’ll be represented by a top drug-related motorcycle accident attorney. They’ll look at all of the available evidence, then build a strong case that will show that the person who was to blame for your injuries was negligent. Once that hurdle is overcome, you’ll be on track to get a fair settlement for the damages they’ve caused you.

Drug Related Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

DUI Motorcycle Injury Law

In California, drug-related motorcycle accidents are charged under California Vehicle Code 23153. This law is designed to protect motorcyclists and other road users from injuries caused by drivers. This means that as well as facing a DUI charge, the party responsible for your injury can also be served with a personal injury lawsuit, as long as you choose to do so.

We would always recommend that you DO file a lawsuit against the person responsible. Even if the insurance company offers you a settlement, it’s unlikely to be as high as the payout you could get if you are being represented by seasoned alcohol-related motorcycle accident attorneys.

DUI Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Fight for Maximum Compensation

Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers will fight hard to win you maximum compensation. In fact, when it comes to our clients, we won’t settle for less.

That’s because we know just how important that payout is going to be for you, and how much it could make a difference. After a motorcycle accident, you might be struggling with severe pain, paying out thousands for medical bills and rehabilitation, or be facing losing your job.

With the maximum possible compensation, you can solve at least some of those problems. A big payout will allow you to put your accident behind you, and begin to look towards the future.

Contact a DUI Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for Free Consultation

If you have sustained an injury as the result of a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to consider your options and educate yourself about how to proceed with a possible personal injury case.

We offer a FREE consultation with one of our Los Angeles motorcycle DUI accident lawyers. They will be able to offer you advice, answer your questions, and explain how we can start to build your personal motorcycle injury case. You won’t have to pay a cent for this service, and in fact, since we work on contingency you won’t have to pay us anything at all until your case is won.

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