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Motorcycle Accident Laceration Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Motorcycle Accident Laceration Attorneys in Los Angeles

Motorcycle accidents are always traumatic, but even more so if you’re injured. While there are lots of possible injuries, lacerations are among the most common.

Learn more about lacerations and the severity of this injury. Also, if you’ve suffered lacerations, contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident laceration lawyer to see if you’re eligible for damages.

What Is a Laceration?

A laceration occurs when soft tissue tears due to trauma, creating a wound. The tear often creates a jagged and irregular wound, and it can be contaminated by the debris or bacteria from the object that caused the wound.

While an abrasion scrapes skin away, no skin is missing with a laceration. Even though the skin isn’t missing, this can be a serious injury, which is why many people seek help from a Los Angeles motorcycle accident laceration attorney.

Types of Cuts and Lacerations in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause a variety of cuts and lacerations. A superficial cut or laceration only impacts the skin. This laceration does not go all the way down to the blood vessels. Still, it can be painful and cause significant damage. For example, burns and road rash injury don’t penetrate the blood vessels but are still painful and can cause scars.

A clean laceration can be deep, but the cut isn’t contaminated. As long as the motorcycle accident victim keeps the cut clean, it should not become infected. Still, this can be a significant injury. A deep laceration is just as it sounds. The cut is so deep that it affects each of the skin’s layers. Then, there is the complicated laceration.

This is the most serious of the lacerations. Not only does it penetrate the skin, but it also affects additional tissue, such as nerves, tendons, or muscles. It’s critical to seek help from a motorcycle accident laceration attorney in Los Angeles if you have a complicated laceration since you might lose the function of the body part.

Laceration Injury

What Complications Can Happen During the Recovery from a Deep Laceration?

When people suffer lacerations as a result of motorcycle accidents, they have to worry about infections. It’s easy to develop an infection from a laceration since the bacteria and debris from the object enters the wound. This can include tetanus disease for accident victims who have not received tetanus shots in the previous five years.

The severing of tendons, ligaments, and nerves is another cause for concern with deep, complicated lacerations. If this happens, motorcycle accident victims can lose the function of the body part and might experience extreme pain. It is also likely they’ll need surgery to repair the damaged tendons or ligaments.

Even with successful surgery, the person might not recover full function of the body part. Fortunately, a motorcycle accident laceration lawyer in Los Angeles can help victims receive compensation for future medical bills and lost wages.

How To Prove Liability in Laceration Injury Claims?

To prove liability in a laceration injury claim, you must establish evidence that the other driver was negligent. There are three elements involved in proving negligence and liability. First, you must prove that the other driver owed you a duty of care. This duty of care could be maintaining a property to provide safe driving conditions or following the rules of the road.

Next, you have to prove that the driver or property owner somehow breached the duty of care. This could include a dangerous roadway that causes motorcycles to lose traction or failing to follow traffic laws. For example, speeding is breaching the duty of care. Finally, you must prove that the negligence caused your laceration injury.

If a driver speeds and hits your motorcycle, causing you to fall off and then you are hurt, it’s clear that your injuries were a direct result of the driver’s negligence. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident laceration attorney can help prove this.

Motorcycle Accident Laceration Lawyer

Seeking Compensation for a Laceration Injury

If you’ve suffered a laceration as a result of a motorcycle accident, you can seek compensation. Compensation comes in many forms. First, of course, there are medical expenses. You can make a claim for your past, immediate, and future medical expenses.

This is especially important since you might have expenses down the road if you suffered a serious laceration. You can also sue for past, immediate, and future lost wages as well as lost earning capacity. If the injury prevents you from making money, the insurance company can make you whole again with a lawsuit.

Pain and suffering are also on the table when making a claim for a laceration injury. If your injury has disrupted your life and caused undue hardship, you might be eligible for this compensation.

Finally, punitive damages are awarded in some cases. This only occurs when the defendant was grossly negligent and the court decides to punish that person. For example, if you were injured in a hit and run motorcycle accident, you might be awarded punitive damages since the other driver acted reprehensively.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Laceration Lawyers

Can Help You If you’ve been injured, your first step should be to contact laceration injury lawyers. Our motorcycle accident law firm will investigate your case, gather evidence, and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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