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Motorcycle Accident Laminectomy Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA


Motorcycle accidents can be so violent that it can be difficult to tell how severe your injuries are at first. For instance, what feels like a shoulder injury could actually be a spinal cord injury that requires a laminectomy. That’s why it’s so important to undergo a full medical evaluation immediately following a motorcycle accident.

Then, you can reach out to a team of motorcycle accident laminectomy lawyers in Los Angeles to fight for compensation. With their help, the other driver’s insurance company can pay for your medical bills, including your surgical procedure. Then, you can begin down the road to recovery.

What Is a Laminectomy?

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing some or part of the lamina, which is the vertebral bone. The procedure relieves the pressure the lamina puts on the nerves or spinal cord. This is considered spinal decompression surgery.

While it is a straightforward procedure, it can have a wealth of complications, such as infection, bleeding, or even increased pain. Motorcycle accident laminectomy lawyers in Los Angeles take these complications into account when suing for damages.

Why Might I Need a Laminectomy After a Motorcycle Accident?

The trauma of a motorcycle accident can cause your vertebra to fracture or dislocate. When the bone becomes displaced, it can damage your spinal canal, putting pressure on the nerves. A laminectomy relieves the pressure and reduces or even eliminates the symptoms.

The trauma from the motorcycle accident can also cause a herniated disc. Like pieces of vertebrae, the herniated disc can put pressure on the nerves, creating a need for a laminectomy. Again, the procedure is used to alleviate the pressure.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Laminectomy?

It can take several weeks to recover from a laminectomy, although some people can return to light activities after a few days. You might have to undergo physical therapy as part of your recovery plan. This can actually improve your chances of a good outcome. Your Los Angeles motorcycle accident laminectomy attorney can help you recover medical bills for the surgery and rehabilitation, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket.

Even if you go through physical therapy, you could still end up with post-laminectomy syndrome. If this happens, you could feel fine for a while and then develop pain. If this happens, you might never truly recover from the laminectomy. You could be haunted by symptoms for the rest of your life. This is something that Los Angeles motorcycle accident laminectomy lawyers take into account when fighting for damages.

Motorcycle Accident Laminectomy Attorneys in Los Angeles

Pursuing Compensation With a Laminectomy Claim

If you have a spinal cord injury and need a laminectomy, you will end up with expensive medical bills. You can also expect lost wages and might even have a diminished earning capacity due to the surgery. You even have to worry about the future.

The pain could come back, and you might need additional medical care. These reasons are why it’s so important to file a laminectomy claim. Otherwise, your medical bills and financial situation could lead to bankruptcy. You can file a claim to collect economic damages, such as lost wages, lost earning capacity, and medical bills.

You can also file to receive noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering. To win damages, you must prove that the other driver was negligent. Otherwise, you will be on the hook for your medical bills.

How Motorcycle Accident Laminectomy Lawyers Can Help

Proving negligence can be difficult, even in the most clear-cut cases. The insurance company will hire a team of lawyers to attempt to prove that you were at fault for the accident. Even if they agree that their client was at fault, they’ll attempt to pay you less than what you deserve. It’s easier for them to do that if you try to represent yourself instead of getting help from motorcycle accident laminectomy attorneys in Los Angeles.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a Los Angeles motorcycle injury law firm. The law firm will investigate the case and gather evidence to prove negligence. They will also speak to medical experts to determine your long-term prognosis.

The evidence and expert testimony will allow them to build a solid case, so you can get compensated fairly. The law firm will also help you decide if you should make a claim through the other driver’s insurance company or if you should file a personal injury lawsuit.

With the help of motorcycle accident laminectomy lawyers in Los Angeles, you will be a step closer to getting the money you deserve. If you need a laminectomy, you are likely in a lot of pain. You want to get better, but you are worried about paying the bills. Contact lawyers, so you can begin the process. Once you file a claim, you can shift your focus to getting better.

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