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Motorcycle Accident Shoulder Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Motorcycle Accident Shoulder Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you might have a shoulder injury that requires medical care. Your shoulders are vulnerable during accidents, and they can encounter significant trauma. Learn more about these injuries and contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident shoulder injury lawyer to collect damages.

What Are The Common Types of Motorcycle Crash Shoulder Injuries?

There are lots of possible shoulder injuries you can suffer if you’re in a motorcycle accident. You should seek the services of a motorcycle accident shoulder injury lawyer in Los Angeles if you suffer any type of injury that causes damages, although some injuries are more serious than others.

Sprains, strains, and tears are very common in motorcycle accidents. This includes rotator cuff tears. The force of the accident causes the tendon to pull away and separate from the bone. Many people end up with dislocated shoulders after motorcycle accidents. This is most likely to happen if you land on your shoulder when you fall off your bike.

You could also fracture your shoulder. Again, this can occur if you land directly on your shoulder. Some people also suffer from a frozen shoulder as a result of a motorcycle accident. This is diagnosed when you suffer an injury that prevents you from moving your shoulder. Your shoulder pain could also be the result of a different injury that causes deferred pain.

This could be due to a whiplash injury, spinal cord injury, back muscle sprain injury, or another form of trauma. You should get an evaluation immediately to determine the cause of your shoulder pain. Your Los Angeles motorcycle accident shoulder injury attorney will use the information in your medical record to build a case, so this is critical.

Recovering from a Motorcycle Crash Shoulder Injury

The recovery process depends on the type and severity of your shoulder injury. Sometimes, you can reach a full recovery by immobilizing your shoulder with a sling and using ice to reduce swelling. If this is the case, you might recover in a matter of days or weeks. Other times, you might require surgery to treat your shoulder injury.

Recovering from shoulder surgery can often take six weeks to two months. You can expect to undergo physical therapy as part of the recovery process. When your shoulder injury is due to deferred pain from another condition, the recovery could take even longer.

For example, if the shoulder pain is a result of a spinal cord injury, you might never fully recover. Your motorcycle accident shoulder injury attorney in Los Angeles will fight to collect damages that will cover your long-term care since a full recovery is unlikely.

Motorcycle Accident Shoulder Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries When Riding a Motorcycle?

Defensive driving is critical when riding a motorcycle. You are vulnerable when you’re on your motorcycle, so be mindful of others on the road and do your best to prevent accidents.

You should also wear the appropriate gear to prevent shoulder injuries. Many motorcycle riders put on shoulder pads or braces to protect their shoulders. Like helmets, protective gear can lessen the impact if you’re in an accident.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim For a Shoulder Injury?

Each case is different, so you will need to consult with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident shoulder injury lawyer to find out how much you can claim. Still, you can get a basic idea of what to expect by considering your losses and the severity of your injury. Let’s start with your losses.

If the other driver was at fault and caused your injuries, you can recover economic damages, meaning the money you have lost and will lose in the future as a result of your injuries. This includes medical expenses and lost wages. You can also get damages if your earning capacity is lower due to the injuries you sustained.

Your motorcycle accident shoulder injury attorney in Los Angeles will consult with medical experts to determine your future losses. Then, you have to consider your noneconomic damages. This refers to the money you can receive for pain and suffering. There is not a specific formula for you to use.

Instead, it’s wise to confer with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident shoulder injury attorney. The attorney will go over the objective evidence, including medical records and testimony of your life before the accident. Then, your attorney will calculate how much you should get.

Why Hire Motorcycle Accident Shoulder Injury Lawyers

You don’t want to end up with less money than what you deserve. That’s why it’s so important to turn to motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Your attorneys will fight for you to ensure you are compensated for your injuries.

They will also make sure that the money you receive will cover your medical bills and lost wages in the future. Contact injury lawyers today, so you can begin the process.

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