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Motorcycle Accident Scarring Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Scarring Injury Lawyer

You normally feel a sense of freedom when you hop on your motorcycle and hit the freeway. Of course, that freedom can go away in an instant if you suffer a serious motorcycle accident.

Bike accidents can result in a variety of injuries, including scars and disfigurement. Learn more about these injuries and then reach out to a motorcycle accident scarring injury lawyer in Los Angeles for help.

Scars and Disfiguring Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Scarring is a type of disfigurement that occurs as a result of motorcycle crashes. It’s the most common disfigurement injury and happens when accident victims experience burns and lacerations, including “road rash.” A burn and road rash injury is incredibly common in motorcycle accidents, which is one reason why so many people develop scars.

While some scars fade over time, scarring is often permanent. Other forms of disfigurement include facial and dental injuries, such as broken facial bones, and amputations. These disfigurement injuries can also result in scarring in some cases.

Living with Scars or Disfigurement

Living with scars and disfigurement can be very difficult for motorcycle accident victims. First, many victims suffer from emotional distress as a result of scarring or disfigurement. They feel self-conscious every time they look in the mirror or go out in public, and that can lead to anxiety and depression.

As their mental health issues progress, they might distance themselves from their friends and loved ones. Isolation can create additional mental health issues, causing people to spiral out of control. Second, scarring and disfigurement can have financial implications. Many scarring victims have to undergo extensive surgeries, which are quite expensive.

They also have to take time off work for the surgeries, causing them to lose money. To make matters worse, they might not be able to do their jobs anymore because of their injuries. For example, someone with a large facial scar might not feel comfortable working with the public any longer.

This can cause the person to quit his or her job, causing a financial fallout. Then, getting a new job might be difficult because of the psychological trauma. He or she might not have the confidence to apply or interview for a new job.

Motorcycle Accident Scarring Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Can I Get Compensation for Scarring and Disfigurement After a Bike Accident?

You can get compensated for the economic and non-economic damages you suffered due to scarring and disfigurement after a motorcycle accident. Economic damages refer to the quantifiable amount of money you have lost or will lose because of the accident. This includes past and future medical bills and lost wages.

Depending on the severity of your scarring, you also might be eligible to receive noneconomic damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more. Because these damages are more difficult to quantity, it’s helpful to have a Los Angeles motorcycle accident scarring injury attorney at your side.

Documenting a Scar or Disfigurement

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident that’s likely to lead to scarring, you should document it immediately. First, of course, get to safety. Once you are safe, take pictures of the accident scene, including the tire marks, positioning of the vehicles, and your injuries.

If someone else is on the scene, he or she can take the photographs for you. Motorcycle accident lawyers will need this evidence to help you collect damages. You will also need to seek medical care for your injuries. Your doctor will document your injuries and the resulting scar in your medical records.

Like your initial photographs, you can use this for evidence. Your Los Angeles motorcycle accident scarring injury lawyer will also help you document the injury in your case file. It’s critical to gather as much documentation as possible, so you will work together to get enough evidence.

Motorcycle Accident Scarring Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim For A Scarring Injury in California?

The state of California has a statute of limitations of two years to file a claim after a motorcycle accident. If you wait longer than two years, you cannot receive damages for your scarring or disfigurement. That’s why it’s critical to reach out to a motorcycle accident scarring injury attorney in Los Angeles immediately.

How Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Scarring Injury Lawyers Can Help

A motorcycle accident scarring injury lawyer in Los Angeles might not be able to go back in time and prevent the accident and injury from occurring, but the lawyer can help you receive compensation. First, the attorney will investigate the accident to see who was at fault.

Your accident might be the fault of another driver or a property owner who failed to maintain his or her property. It could even be a dangerous road motorcycle accident. In the case of a hit and run motorcycle accident, the attorney will look for the at-fault driver during the investigation.

Then, the attorney will determine if your injuries were a result of negligence on behalf of the other party. If so, he or she will gather the necessary evidence and determine who much money you’re owed. Then, the attorney will file a claim. You might settle the claim out of court.

However, if the insurance company refuses to provide a fair settlement, your motorcycle accident scarring injury attorney in Los Angeles will be ready to take it to court. If you have scars at a result of a motorcycle accident, it’s time to take action.

To start the process, contact motorcycle injury attorneys, so they can work on your case.

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